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          • Isn't this just a watered down version of an earlier deluxe with electronic lightning effects?

            Tetsuryu   1 week 5 days ago
          • Albegas

            It just hit me looking at the DX on collection dx. the logo was based off the Albegas thigh deco.
            I feel stupid

            kidchuckle   3 weeks 4 days ago
          • Email them to us, we'll get them up!

            JoshB   5 weeks 1 day ago
          • Sweeet memories.....I would like to post some pic.s of other variants, but I forgot how to do....LOL

            darth-kriss   5 weeks 2 days ago
          • Porsche

            I bet Hajime Sorayama drew that robot arm.

            VZMK2   5 weeks 4 days ago
          • Yeah, can't argue with that now. Hasbro also wouldn't need to make exaggerated and cartoon-y proportions like BA did (because reasons and things and stuff).

            EVA_Unit_4A   7 weeks 3 days ago
          • Iron Giant

            Just bought two....had to search on google to then goto wal mart...said only three left.
            Very grateful for this review would gave missed out like trendmasters one

            AJProDie-Cast   7 weeks 3 days ago
          • I wouldn't mind Hasbro (now that they have the PR license in NA) taking a crack at doing 5" non combining Megazords but not as stylized as these. They can even go for a show accurate look (a man in a robot suit).

            VZMK2   8 weeks 2 days ago
          • Megazord

            Getting back into super sentai, I'd loved to see some more Super Sentai/Power Ranger toy reviews in the future. Especially more obscure stuff.

            VZMK2   8 weeks 6 days ago
          • I started collecting this line last year after I saw the Millennium Falcon for like 70 bucks and I thought "wow, that's a lot less than I expected" and discovered nearly all the toys in the line can be acquired for dirt cheap, even brand new. The only toy from the line I had as a kid was the landspeeder and without any figures it didn't see much action.

            This figure looks good and unless I'm mistaken, it's essentially a slight redeco of the Cinema Scenes release that came with Ponda Baba and Dr Whatsisname but I went a different route to accomplish this look; I bought the original Obi-Wan figure from the line and bought some of the Episode 1 accesory packs that came with Jedi robes to give him a soft goods cloak so he could actually sit in the landspeeder with his hood up and pull a mind trick on some unsuspecting sandtroopers.

            Tetsuryu   10 weeks 1 day ago
          • Wheelie

            I love the movie and the post-movie episodes and even I can't be impressed by the design.

            Barring Hot Rod (and obviously Ultra Magnus), pretty much all the movie-based characters made for rather underwhelming toys. Probably because unlike all the other characters before and after, the animation models were made first and then the toy engineers had to figure out how to convert them into toys.

            Tetsuryu   10 weeks 1 day ago
          • I don't know if you know or care, but the official Bandai Tamashii Youtube page has the Dairugger XV anime with English subtitles. They're also putting up the original Wataru anime there.

            VZMK2   10 weeks 3 days ago
          • I'm super happy with mine. No design quibbles at all. Maybe a little back heavy if not mindful of posing, but it's easy to avoid. Would have been cool if it had swords in different colors like the Miracle Works toy.

            But basically all wow. So happy it holds together so solid too. Having issues with both of my MW sets had me a little wary, and Bandai isn't infallible. But they got it all right this time.

            Optimal III   10 weeks 3 days ago
          • Deluxe Mega Voyager

            This was the first Power Rangers toy I bought for my son way back when. We played and played and played with it. Several years later, the arm assembly of the yellow spaceship broke, and it was more than super glue could fix. I contacted Bandai and they sent a free replacement. It's really unusual, as it didn't have the factory applied stickers. The kid was pretty excited when his first Megazord got fixed!

            djinniman37   12 weeks 5 days ago
          • Lando Calrissian

            A shame that this figure and Star Wars toys nowadays are such peg-warmers despite utilizing the face-printing technology. Maybe Lucasfilm should just re-do the figures of the characters from Episodes 1-6 instead of hammering down with the sequel trilogy.

            makaikishi   14 weeks 19 hours ago
          • ST Bio Man

            I've always wondered why some of the names of the Godaikin versions of the toys were taken from the title of the show that's in it instead of its original name instead...

            makaikishi   14 weeks 6 days ago
          • Hound

            Love this line too. I enjoyed the Prime Wars trilogy, but this one is even better because the gimmick doesn't hamper anything. Packaging is great for all the figures that are boxed. Scale is great too.

            Optimal III   15 weeks 1 day ago
          • Land Speed Racer

            We just sold this toy on eBay.

            netkid   16 weeks 6 hours ago
          • Sound Flasher Ideon

            Well, I just bought one back, lol, for far much more than I sold I think... but anyway...

            JoshB   16 weeks 1 day ago
          • Sound Flasher Ideon

            I don't regret you selling this. :) 

            Btw, it's more like 10" than 7". 

            NekroDave   16 weeks 1 day ago
          • Egg McMuffin Robot

            Apparently you can get this style of egg on other egg-using sandwiches that use egg but normally have the flat-type scrambled egg, egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg.

            Also I don't know if you remember the Breakfast Stackers they tried to do a while back as a rip-off of the In-N-Out "Secret Menu" thing, where you could order various combinations of breakfast food items.  Double sausage!  Triple egg!  More slices of cheese!  It didn't last long, which made sense, like, the sole reason I'm buying this thing is to have some calories in me to face the day, the last thing I want is to have to endure it for a longer period of time.

            Anyway.  That toy looks pretty lame.  It says a lot that they couldn't even be arsed to make the bottom half transform into legs.

            RobotBastard   17 weeks 3 hours ago
          • D.VA & Meka

            Like, of all the toy lines to produce a really good version of D.Va's MEKA, it's so strange that it would be Funko Pop, whose whole deal is "simple cheap icon versions".

            RobotBastard   17 weeks 6 days ago
          • Three-Man Light Jet

            Break out the wall anchors and fishing line :)

            RobotBastard   18 weeks 8 hours ago
          • The Raven

            I just watched this movie last week on the Comet channel. It was pretty good considering it's age. It also stars a young Jack Nicholson! And all 3 women in this film were gorgeously voluptuous. I liked the premise of how it loosely adapted Poe's The Raven while integrating a story of rival sorcerers. I wouldn't mind if a modern remake was made that utilized the cutting edge special effects of today.

            netkid   18 weeks 5 days ago
          • Apparently, Auldey re-issued their three robots from the Space Deleter series this year. Just got back from my trip to Beijing and bought all three robots from Toys 'R Us, priced at $22.65 each.

            I guess all three robots are easier to be re-issued compared to the Giant Saver toys since they don't have electronics in the first place. 

            makaikishi   19 weeks 1 day ago
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